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Senator the Honourable Dr. Daphne Phillips. Minister of Culture and Gender Affairs. United Nations. New York. Recent data show that although women have made gains in certain areas, disparities persist between men and women in certain spheres and in some countries the situation of women has deteriorated. The challenge to fully implement the Platform for Action is aggravated in some countries by factors such as the negative impact of globalization and the lack of human and financial resources.

Since Beijing there has undoubtedly been an increasing awareness of issues of relevance to women.

Adult Trinidad girls

For example in some countries there has been an improvement in women's human rights, higher employment among women and the international community has deated rape as a war crime. President, in spite of constraints the countries of the Caribbean region are earnestly attempting to implement the commitments made in Beijing Adult Trinidad girls have developed a Regional Platform of Action.

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. President, has pledged to implement and take action in the twelve critical areas of concern articulated in the Beijing Platform for Action, on some of which I will now report. Women and Poverty. The Small Business Development Company SB Ca government body, is the main vehicle used by Government to stimulate the micro and small enterprise sector. The Government piloted and established a "Women's Leadership Enhancement Institute", in andrespectively.

This programme seeks to enhance the capacity of women to develop sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families through creative and pertinent training. This Council, which reflects the participatory approach to dealing with poverty, is chaired by an independent woman Senator and includes the active participation of NGO's and the business community.

Adult Trinidad girls

Education and Training of Women. President, a Cabinet appointed task force was convened to review the educational curriculum for primary and secondary schools to address gender disparities in education which go beyond the issue of access. The work of the task force includes the development of a gender sensitive curriculum in focus and practice to ensure the full and equitable development of and participation by both girls and boys. Measures were also implemented to improve w: men's access to vocational training, science and technology and continuing education. Government's initiatives to facilitate the productive employment and creation of sustainable livelihood include the Women's Second Chances Programme, the Adult Education Programme and Unemployment Adult Trinidad girls Women's Training Programme.

Women and Health. President, were established throughout the country offering counseling services, cognizant of the need for accessible psychological care. In the area of sexual and reproductive health the Family Planning Association and the Population Unit of the Ministry of Health conduct education programmes in communities throughout the country. Women and the Economy. President, in a bid to foster the strengthening of women's economic rights and removing discrimination against women, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago spearheaded several initiatives.

The counting of unremunerated work and the mechanism for quantifying Adult Trinidad girls recording the monetary value of such work was agreed to by the Government and implemented in the Census. Trinidad and Tobago was one of the first countries to enact legislation to this effect by the Counting Unremunerated Work Act, The International Labour Convention No. President, women have advanced in education, excelling their male counterparts in some institutions, and business.

In Trinidad and Tobago and many other Caribbean States the forward movement of women has posed some challenges to men in the society. In order to address this dilemma, the Government with the support of the NGO community convened a major Caribbean initiative to support greater political participation of women.

Adult Trinidad girls

A component of this platform secured training for female candidates of all political parties in the last Local Government elections in Political parties were also lobbied to increase the of female candidates. The result of this was an increased of women who presented themselves for election to Office as Councillors and appointed as Aldermen. The lessons learnt from this project are being shared in the region and internationally. The Women's Leadership and Enhancement Institute of the Division of Gender Affairs conducts training for women in the national community in leadership, business, skills enhancement and political participation.

These endeavours are geared towards the strengthening of women's participation at the community level to ensure this is translated into leadership at a higher level. Institutional Mechanism for the Advancement of Women.

Adult Trinidad girls

In keeping with the Beijing Platform for Action, the Gender Affairs Division is committed to the mainstreaming of gender in all of Government's policies, programmes and projects. The Division also involves itself in extensive gender training and sensitization programmes throughout the Adult Trinidad girls to guarantee the place of gender on the national agenda.

The structure of the Division is presently under review and with a view to expansion, bearing in mind the strategic review process. The Division of Gender Affairs recognizes the mammoth task involved in the promotion, implementation, execution, monitoring, evaluation and mobilization of support for policies which promote the advancement of women. The voice of the Division needs to be strengthened and all the stakeholders involved are committed to the process.

Violence Against Women. President, in Trinidad and Tobago in the Domestic Violence Act was rewritten to equip the criminal justice system to respond more competently in domestic violence issues. Amendments to the Sexual Offences Act have recently been laid before Parliament to strengthen the Law, and legislation related to Sexual Harassment is in the preparatory stages. Police Officers, Hotline Listeners, Social Workers, Shelter and Safe House Managers and other interested persons are involved in training programmes on a regular basis.

Women's Human Rights. Both of these international human rights instruments have been used as guides in the formation of policy and implementation of programmes to ensure the de jure and legal equality of women are compatible.

Adult Trinidad girls

Trinidad and Tobago is fully committed to the establishment of an International Criminal Court and welcomes the gender perspective contained in the Statute. Women and the Media. In Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. President, participation of women in the media has been largely at the lower strata of employment, for example, reporters, writers and presenters.

One 1 woman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer out of three 3 major daily newspapers, and there is one 1 female Head of News. The Gender Affairs Division has hosted a of gender training workshops for members of the media. Facilitation of these workshops was carried out by an experienced Caribbean Consultant.

A of NGO's Adult Trinidad girls committed themselves to ensuring the media becomes more representative along lines of sex and the messages which are transmitted are gender sensitive. The Girl Child. The National Plan of Action regarding the girl child has included a of measures. These include a situational analysis survey done in to look at the nature of child prostitution, child pornography and traffic of children. In this regard, six Bills are before Parliament addressing the rights of children. In the NGO community a of endeavours have been targeting the situation of the girl.

Programmes such as the Choices Programme operated by the Child Welfare League promote empowerment through education of teenage girls who become pregnant. In many cases girls are required to leave school and abandon their education when they become pregnant. However some schools have also adopted the policy allowing pregnant mothers to give birth and subsequently return to school. The work of Trinidad and Tobago in procuring gender equity and equality is not a new process.

It has been an ongoing one with its first institutional manifestation in The Beijing process has further Adult Trinidad girls the work for the advancement of women. It has fueled a revisit to the pertinent core issues and has allowed a redefinition, where needed, allowing for innovative strategies for overcoming obstacles as well as new and emerging issues, such as women in information and communication technology, relevant to modern times. Trinidad and Tobago in the promotion of gender equality encountered several constraints.

These include deeply entrenched patriarchal attitudes and practices, the impact of globalization, structural and institutional obstacles and lack of adequate financial and human resources. President, it is our responsibility at this Special Session to identify, from the experiences enunciated, the remaining challenges to achieve further advancement of women and adopt relevant strategies for action.

In order to realize the goals of the Beijing Platform for Action and to implement further initiatives, there is also the need to build partnerships both within and between countries, and to ensure that adequate human and financial resources are available so that all individuals, especially women and girls, are not marginalized or made more vulnerable in a world in which we face new challenges through such forces as globalization. I thank you, Mr. Education and Training of Women Mr. Women and the Economy Mr. Institutional Mechanism for the Advancement of Women In keeping with the Beijing Platform for Action, the Gender Affairs Division is committed to the mainstreaming of gender in all of Government's policies, programmes and projects.

Violence Against Women Mr. Women's Human Rights Mr.

Adult Trinidad girls

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