Cute,short and petite?

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As a short girl, you are most likely blessed with the looks younger than taller girls of the same age. You may have been told how cute you are all your life and are constantly flattered by people who are surprised by your actual age. The other side of the coin?

Cute,short and petite?

You need Cute,short and petite? be more selective with what you wear. A petite woman has a small body frame, so she can be easily swamped by the clothes. Not only that. Most petite women have shorter neck, shorter torso and shorter legs.

That means the petite clothes you wear play a critical role in improving your proportion and creating the illusion of height. In this post, I have summarized the most common mistakes that short women make in their wardrobe so that you can avoid them and make wise choices to look classy and effortlessly chic.

Do you read Instyle, Vogue or People? Is your instagram feed filled up with OOTDs outfit of the day from your favorite bloggers? Most of us would answer yes to one of the questions, which means we are probably influenced big time by the trend setters of fashion when it comes to what we wear.

Most of them are tall and blessed with mile long legs, to state the most obvious. Wait a second, what about short celebs and petite bloggers? You might ask. Did you notice? She has great short torso and long leg. That is a very easy to dress proportion, i. What that means is even a short girl can look quite tall on camera if she has a great proportion.

That is the secret of short actresses many people may not notice. In addition, the top petite bloggers more often than not are posting products sponsored by brands. If you are a short girl with an average proportion i. Short women should in general go for figure-conscious clothing and stay away from baggy clothes, especially the bottoms.

Cute,short and petite?

There has been an increasing buzz about boyfriend jeans in recent years, as they are comfortable to wear because of the relaxed fit. However, they are not flattering for short girls, if the fit is too relaxed. It is important for petite women to wear well-fitted bottoms, which will effectively elongate the legs and make your overall proportion look better. If you think skinny jeans is only flattering for certain body types, go for bootcut jeanswhich is universally flattering for any body type.

It is not as tight as straight leg jeans or skinny jeans, so it is very forgiving. In addition, the straight A line at the bottom makes your calves and thighs look skinnier. Flared jeans is another most flattering styles for women. The flare adds a graceful, curved silhouette which are very feminine.

For petite girls, the flare legs adds length to by extending your legs, as they do not stop at your ankle like skinny jeans. Wearing heels is the easiest way to change the height of a petite woman. That is understandable. If you are petite, you should in fact avoid chunky platforms, as they actually make your legs look Cute,short and petite?

than they are. Additionally, platform shoes Cute,short and petite? not your best choice if Cute,short and petite? want to improve your proportion. The universally flattering shoe is stiletto, as they always make you look tallerleaner and thinner. The most flattering des for petite women are pointy toes and low vamp. It is quite straightforward to understand why pointy toes are the best for short girls- they extend your legs to the maximum.

Now, what is low vamp shoes? The vamp of the shoe is where it cuts across your foot at the front. Thus low vamp shoes cut across the front of the foot near the toes, and high vamp shoes come up the foot and possibly up to the ankle. Ever seen the pumps that show a little bit of toe cleavage? Those are low vamp. Now you get the idea why they are flattering to petite women-they make your legs look longer by covering less of your feet.

Sam Edelman and Nine West are the reasonable priced brands which make the low vamp pumps. We have all heard about the fashion advice by many stylists that short girls should stay away from long skirts and go with short skirts. While it is obvious that short skirts are flattering to short girls in general, it is also good to know how to wear long skirts and make them look flattering to your petite frame. In winter times, long skirts are very practical and can keep you warmer than short skirts. Pairing a long skirt with knee high boots is one of the best fashion choices for a short girl when the weather is cold.

The key is the color Cute,short and petite? your skirt and that of your boots should be of similar tone, which will effectively elongate your legs and make you look tall. Similar to wearing long skirt, wearing maxi dress the right way will actually make a short girl look taller. One of the key factors in styling short girls is to create a column of colors. Because of its continuous color and pattern, maxi dress can effectively elongate your body frame.

If you are petite, solid colors or small prints are your best choice. Be very careful with large prints on maxi dresses. Given the big area maxi dresses cover on your body, large prints may make too busy and overwhelm your small frame. If you are short, getting the right length for your maxi dress is critical. Fortunately, some brands offer petite sizes so that you do not have to pay for a tailor.

These are the two maxi dresses highly rated by our petite readers from Anthropologie this season. Whether you are a corporate executive or art director, there is many benefits of carrying a large bag that can hold everything. We all need the space in our bag to hold our daily planner, smart phone, wallet, keys, lipsticks and compact, to name a few. While large bags are very useful for practical purpose, they are not the best fashion choice for short women. Big bags can dwarf the person that carries them. Petite women should carry bags proportional to their sizes, i.

We are not suggesting you should only carry a clutch every day. All of us today have busy lives and wear multiple hats as girl boss, super Mom, caretakers of our families, etc. Most likely you need a bag to hold lot of stuff, so go with a medium size tote or satchel.

If you are purchasing online, it is important you read the product description carefully and try to understand the size of the bag relative to your height. The most important measurements are the height, width and the drop. It makes it a lot easier if the retailer show the image of the bag on the model. Another great choice is crossbody bags, which are very flattering to petite girls.

Many satchels today also come with detachable shoulder straps to make them wearable as crossbodies. The important thing is to choose the right length for the shoulder strap. Metallic chains are very feminine, but their length is hard to adjust unless you take them to hardware store or shoe repair shop. Thus we recommend cross body bags with adjustable leather or fabric Cute,short and petite?

like these cute bags from Zappos. Petite women should draw attention above and not down, so ideally the bag should not sit below your hip. Lastly, small to medium size backpacks are also a good choice. On the other hand, we are not saying smaller is always better for short girls, since short girls are not all tiny and skinny. If you are a curvy petite girl, opt for a medium size bag that is in balance with your overall body size. We have another post that is focused on how to choose and style accessories for short girls.

For short girls, wearing pumps is better than wearing ankle strips. The reason is ankle stripes create a horizontal line across your ankle and cuts off your legs. The horizontal line is more obvious if the shoes is dark colors such as black or navy. Pumps without ankle stripes will make your legs look longer than they are and will make you look taller. However, if you have really small feet such as size 4 or 5, you may find it hard to walk in shoes without ankle stripes simply because your feet may not be long enough for the pumps.

Because the stripe is close to your skin color, the horizontal line will not be that obvious, thus your legs will not look too cut off. Wide leg pants have been gaining some ground in the fashion scene in the last seasons, however, they are better suited for tall or average height ladies. If you are short, you need to be more selective with the wide leg pants you choose.

The width in the legs goes horizontal, and that makes you look shorter than you actually are. That said, no rule of fashion is absolute and there is always exception. We have seen a few short celebrities or petite fashion bloggers who can pull off wide leg pants and it looks okay on them. If wide leg pants is your thing, then carefully choose a vertically inspired pattern and make sure to wear them with slim heels to make up for the vertical line much needed by short girls.

Avoid cropped, wide leg pants by all means, as they are hardly flattering to short girls no matter how you wear them.

Cute,short and petite?

Always go with full length if you are petite, like these from Banana Republic. We also have another post on Palazzo Pants for Short Women. Short girls may have a difficult time looking for the right sizes in regular department stores or shopping malls, so many of us may have shopped in the junior department at some point.

While that seems to be an easy solution, we do not recommend you to do so often. The complaints of many short girls is they are not taken seriously at work place, because of their height. In order to appear to be the equivalent of tall girls, our goal should be to add presence and authority through our styling. Shopping in junior department will only do the opposite. The des for juniors are catered for teenagers, and they are not meant to be worn by professional adult women.

Except for joggerssweat pants and other causal clothing Cute,short and petite? will only wear at home or for workout, we suggest you to stop shopping at junior department and look for stores with petite sizes instead. Traditionally, the best petite brands are Ann Taylor, Jcrew and Banana Republic which carry petite sizes.

Cute,short and petite?

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How to dress when you are petite?