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It is a blessing to live in the United States. We may not be a perfect country, but we should remember that, above all, we are free.

Free lonely wives Radford Virginia

This month brings with it the arrival of Independence Day. We here at The R. Club in Radford, VA, want to discuss the importance of understanding our freedom. What is Independence Day? July 4 th is Independence Day. How many people across the United States, though, will focus on its true meaning during its festivities?

For that matter, what is Independence Day? What event does it celebrate? Is it just a day off work, to eat hot dogs and hamburgers, to swim, and to launch fireworks? Independence Day commemorates a pivotal day in United States history; the day we officially declared ourselves free from English rule.

Free lonely wives Radford Virginia

They collaborated on a general outline of the declaration and elected Jefferson to write the document. After Jefferson returned his draft to Congress, the entire gathering of representatives edited it. Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4,which is now set aside as our Independence Day.

This event also fanned the flames of the Revolutionary War, which lasted until Adams, who would serve as our second President, actually initiated our Independence Day celebrations in a letter to his wife, Abigail. He felt that we should commemorate our freedom in a most bombastic fashion. Is it just a Free lonely wives Radford Virginia of a centuries-old event? It is so much more than that. We celebrate the freedom afforded to us every day of our lives, freedom that we may take for granted. As Americans, we occupy a special position in regard to most of the world and history.

Nor do we sit under the iron-fisted rule of a tyrant. We, the people, hold the power in the United States. In America, the citizens elect presidents, representatives, and senators at a national level. We elect representatives, senators, and governors at the state level.

We elect local officials. These people are not elected to lord over us; we elect them to represent us, to represent our interests and our will. We are a free people. To be a good citizen of the United States of America, you should not only understand how our freedom works; you should also act upon it. One way to do this is to vote.

United States citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to vote in our elections.

Free lonely wives Radford Virginia

We must educate ourselves on which candidates stand for what we believe in and vote for them. The United States Census Bureau reports that in the general election, 67 percent of all United States citizens of voting age voted. This was up five percentage points from the general election. Understanding and appreciation comes from education. School and study can educate someone on the intricacies of our government. However, fully understanding the importance of freedom begins at Free lonely wives Radford Virginia. We believe that the family is the most important resource for teaching the principles of freedom.

Parents, grandparents, and guardians can teach children how to be good citizens of the United States. They can also teach how valuable freedom is. We are not alone in believing this, either. This is spiritual freedom. It is freely available to every person, no matter their country, wealth, geopolitical situation, race, or class. Individual freedom is a wonderful thing, but it is nothing in comparison to spiritual freedom. What does it mean, though, to be spiritually free? You must understand that everyone, including you, was born into chains. That is true, but everybody was born into spiritual bondage to sin.

And, as God is a just God, there must be a punishment for our wrongdoing. That means separation from God forever in a place called Hell. This is what we deserve for our sin. But God is also a loving God. He made a way for all of us, no matter where you live or what you do, to experience spiritual freedom.

So, punishment must happen for a wrongdoing. And honestly, there is nothing we can do to make amends to God for our sins. Even our good works are still tainted by our sinful nature. But God again loves us so much that He made a way to spiritual freedom.

Free lonely wives Radford Virginia

That was the high cost of spiritual freedom. Jesus willingly laid down His life for you. He then rose from the grave three days later to claim victory over death for you. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. We just need to believe in Jesus and ask Him to save us. And He will. Through Jesus, and Him alone, you can find spiritual freedom. Club believes in the importance of freedom and of family. Our united aim at The R. Club is to support the family structure across all of our programs. The family is one of the foundations of our great nation and, even more importantly, the first institution established by God. We also want to help you teach them to be good citizens of the United States of America.

We pride ourselves on providing loving, supportive Christ-centered care. Every member of our staff loves your children and wants to see them succeed. today to discuss everything we can do for you and your family. Here at The R. Club, we offer faith-based educational services to families throughout the New River Valley. For information on these services, or to find out how you can have a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ, call us at Have Fun!

Free lonely wives Radford Virginia

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