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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the. Become a member. AntRedundAnt Jan I ed all of my past work onto the site already, so everything from here on out will be new and original. This is sort of an experimental idea of mine: take all the words hellopoetry has tracked for me, put it down as if it were a poem, and see how it flows. It actually kind of works sometimes, but I'm not sure. I'm sure it's mostly terrible, but I wanted to try it. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Continue reading Asa D Bruss Oct Andrew and the Tamales.

Andrew ate my tamales inside of 11 minutes, and soon there will be more kerpustiuous ones ready to taste. Anyone have a sheet of blood to give to my mad mothers rage?

Free sex chat rooms Los Tamales

Let us copulate together for the glory of this fleeting age; yet inside eleven minutes the leaning waxy vomper mice shall dance upon my wig and deliver unto me an aching head. So let me not, no do not, let me live through this night so dark and shmear-ed upon this graven face. Nay, let me live toward this learn-ed light with a hand to hold, and away to learn your shining grace.

Xuanito de la Puente Sep Fat Feet Like Tamales. Tus patas tamalonas, your fat feet Fat feet That makes the ground tremble as I take a step My feet are flat To be closer to the earth God wanted me to remain grounded To grow roots before I yearned for the sky My grandma's feet: Callous, hard, dry Her feet were old books filled with handwritten poems Romantic love journals Her callous feet had to get like that So that thorns and nails could no longer hurt My grandmothers' travesia was grand Her feet were so eager to move on That they walked on their own Patas!

Patas tamalonas! Grandmother would tickle my feet And I'd laugh Grandma, why do we get feet?

Free sex chat rooms Los Tamales

Because God wants us to walk mijo Even when your feet are flat Fat, uneven, or they hurt you must always walk Stand up when they try to force you to sit down Because those feet are yours Today I walk, following your footprints My fat feet being embraced by the hot sand As I follow the sound of the waves There you are Waiting for me at the edge They call me Ghetto. They call me gunfights and drive-bys, pregnant teens. They call me Poverty, and concrete winter walls splashed with blood-red graffiti. They call me junior-high druggies and gang-banging muchachos. So call me Mexico; call me Poverty; call me Ghetto.

I am run-down yards filled with laughing brown children, small apartments bursting with the scent of tamales, mingled with joy and the chatter of relatives. I am home-made tortillas at Thanksgiving and wrinkled hands pounding masa at Christmas. I am friendly smiles and shouted jokes followed by roaring laughter. I am the lilting syllables of a beautiful culture. I am comfort. They call me Ghetto and so I am. Fred Schrott Jun Liquid Sunshine. More than what Meets the Eyes. Creole, 2. Garifuna, 3. Spanish, 4. Maya Mopan, 5. Maya Yucateco, 6. Maya Ketchi, 7.

Hindi, 8. And German. We eat: 1. Tamales, 2. Craw-fish, 4. Pig-tail, meat-pie, 5. Mango, craboo which is fruit with milk and sugar, 6. Fried plantains. Xuanito de la Puente Jan Diabetes babe. I appreciate your sweetness and all. Bob B Dec In contrast with the cold morning air, The house was cozy and warm As we all arrived to participate Like worker bees starting to swarm.

Free sex chat rooms Los Tamales

The smell of pork and refried beans Permeated the room. The champagne bottles were chilling on ice-- How much did we consume? Sally brought some egg McMuffins. While she kneaded the dough, the rest of us Listened for Sally's commands. After a brief champagne toast, Our assembly line started. Everyone had a job to do; It wasn't for the faint-hearted. Spreading the masa on the husks Was a messy task. I wondered, "How many will we make?

It wasn't very long before Everyone in the casa Was practically covered from head to foot With fluffy tamale masa. We spread and stuffed and folded and wrapped While Sally entertained us. The conversation, laughter, fun, And champagne all sustained us.

The wonderful smells of lunch also Encouraged us to work hard Lest we be known as shirkers and our Reputations be marred. But I wouldn't miss it--nope--for nada : The annual Alonzo family tamalada After a few hundred tamales, The masa was getting low.

Free sex chat rooms Los Tamales

I said, "Yay! We're almost done! That was just the pork; now we're Making chile and cheese. But it was worth it, for these tamales Are more valuable than money. Homemade tamales can't be beat When made in our special fashion With love, care, conviviality, Warmth, goodwill and passion. I wouldn't miss it--nope--for nada : The annual Alonzo family tamalada. Aric Wheeler Jun Nana thinks the magazine is the devil.

When we left my Nana made us tacos and tamales. She gathered all the food in the house to send us off and took all the cash she had and stuffed it in my pocket. She purged the cupboard of all the bananas, plums, nectarines, and apricots and placed them in a bag with two bottled waters a coke, a diet coke and sprite. She told me that she loved me and that she hated to see me go.

It was a picture and a coin embossed with my guardian angel that she bought at the church gift shop.

Free sex chat rooms Los Tamales

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Free sex chat rooms los tamales