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Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication. The recipes that have been handed down generations are timeless.

Along with tasting delicious, they also bring back fond memories with every bite. Tracey Russo, a member of Bakeable from Taste of Homewas very close with her grandmother, Arlene Hall, and does have her recipe box, which is Hot women Ravenna with favorites like ribbon fudge and yeast rolls. Tracey Russo for Taste of Home. Turns out, the woman had a copy of a blueberry pie recipe from Arlene that she held onto for more than 35 years!

She offered to mail the handwritten recipe. Tracey calls it a sweet gesture. Shop Now. In saucepan, mix sugar, one cup berries, cornstarch use heaping spoonful with frozen berriessalt, water, cinnamon and lemon juice. Cook and stir until thick. Remove from heat. Add butter and remaining berries. Stir until mixed well and butter is melted. Pour in prepared shell. It did the trick. Tracey never made this pie with her Nana but she remembers eating it. Tracey remembers it always tasting best when they ate it at their house on the lake.

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Hot women Ravenna

It came from Grandma, who passed it down to my mother. Now our children have carried it into their kitchens. This is truly a good old-fashioned recipe. This cake is a tribute to her. It was soothing when I had a cold, but this soup is a bowlful of comfort on any chilly day. After a few tweaks these onions are better than ever and, to my husband's chagrin, there are rarely any leftovers.

They can easily be made ahead and reheated. The are, too! They're extra nice since they require no kneading.

Hot women Ravenna

The dough rises in the refrigerator overnight, so there's little last-minute fuss to serve fresh hot rolls with any meal. Today I use Cortlands. I do know that her applesauce was very white. The secret, she said, was to keep the apples in salt water while she peeled them so that they wouldn't darken. My family always requests these during the holidays. They are delicious and make the kitchen smell amazing! We serve this soup with the Christmas meal as well as at weddings.

Hot women Ravenna

She was a "pinch of this and handful of that" kind of cook, so getting the ingredient amounts correct for the recipe was a challenge. Now it's a family treasure! It's my grandma's treasured recipe. Every time I serve this type of soupI remember my southern grandma, who was very special to me and was known as an outstanding cook. We love it for breakfast or as a special dessert. It's no fuss to fix and impressive to serve. Everyone loves it now I make it for every party we attend or host. Apparently is was too good to miss a generation.

I often make this dish to take along to potlucks It's hearty and so tasty! I thought that everyone baked bread in a slow cooker.

Hot women Ravenna

My grandmother, my mother and I—and now my daughters—all bake this. It is easy to make and quite delicious! I enjoy it served both warm and cold. Either way, it has become one of our traditional dishes each year. The recipe has been passed down to me through my grandparents, who were excellent cooks. The Crock-Pot makes it so easy and the recipe reminds me of Sunday family dinners going back generations.

Serve it as a slow-cooker side dish or make it a meal with hot buttered corn bread. These crispy spears have a slightly salty, tart flavor with a good balance of dill, garlic and peppers.

Hot women Ravenna

She made it for every family gathering. It was always the first food to go on the table and the first one to disappear. Now, as moms ourselves, we get together every year to make Christmas cookies, and the chocolate logs are always on the top of our list.

She made these sandwiches for family reunions, and there were never leftovers. The result? These lovable holiday-perfect bars that have become a new family tradition. The warm slices were delicious and Hot women Ravenna in my mouth! I forgot about this casserole until I found myself one day adding the same ingredients to leftover rice. The memories came flooding back, and I've made this recipe regularly since then. My mother made it for years and now my daughters make it.

The relish complements any meat, but I find it a must with meat loaf. Her grandmother was born in Greece and bakes these cookies for special occasions, including Christmas. The Irish stout adds excellent richness to the corned beef. Just throw the ingredients together in the slow cooker and let them simmer until delicious! Besides being easy to prepare, this dish was loved by everyone in our family.

It was handed down to my mother by my grandmother. My maternal grandmother mixed many batches. The braised potatoes are delicious with sour cream. How she regulated the temperature is beyond me! She always made extra rolls for the neighbors to bake in their own ovens. My mom and aunts would deliver the formed rolls at lunchtime. My parents moved there when I was a Hot women Ravenna old, so I have a "Down Under" heritage.

This easy shortbread recipe brings back warm memories of my childhood, and I'm going to make sure they're passed on to the next generation in my family…no matter where they live! We've passed the recipe down over the years as the family has grown.

It's always my mom's pick for her birthday. I like to use cream cheese frosting, but when my mother was growing up, my grandma frosted the cake with butter cream. What makes it different from any other pea soups I have tried is the addition of whole peas, spaetzle-like "dumplings" and sausage. Try it once and you'll be hooked.

Eating them with a slice of buttermilk cornbread is pure bliss. It's named after a dance hall they ran in rural Iowa. Whenever I bite into a hot dog or hamburger dressed up with this taste bud-tingling relish, I think of them and their delicious country cooking. We love the tart and sweet flavors. Try them as a breakfast-for-dinner meal with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey on top. My grandmother's classic recipe makes the best cranberry stuff to share with your family and friends this holiday.

She gave me this luscious salad recipe, which goes to all our family reunions, hunt club suppers and snowmobile club picnics It's one of my most requested dishes.

Hot women Ravenna

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