Looking for hardcore gamer girl

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I laughed, and I totally related; I have no siblings, so growing up, I rarely played more than player smash.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

But then I saw the comments. It was littered with guys saying "a hot gamer girl can't get enough for 8-player smash? Seriously, it erodes at my self-confidence. Guys always like to say "there's nothing more attractive than a girl who likes to game" or similar things, but many guys I know, friends, and acquaintances all know that I'm a gamer girl, yet I have not ever had a boyfriend, and I'm hitting 20 yrs old.

I've barely even heard of guys liking me. I realize there's probably other factors to this, but just the fact that this is a common saying makes my self-confidence even worse. It's like, "what, am I not good enough? This is probably why I hide my love for RPGs too. So many people seem to think that RPGs aren't considered hardcore gaming, and if you're a girl playing Pokemon or Final Fantasy, you'll be more likely to be brushed off as a "gamer" than if it was a guy playing the same games.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

Why is it so hard for girls to exist as gamers? I haven't even felt this self-conscious about my gaming until I entered university. Before this, while I was in high school, I was lucky enough in that all my guy friends there treated me no different for being a gamer and a girl. Since gaming has a lot of anonymity connected to it, many people assume that those they are playing with are male.

This makes it so when these people find out that a female exists in their little reality bubble the female seems like such a rare coincidence. I'm not a dude so I can't really say too much on why guys say "girls who game are so hot, etc" although I can comment a little bit on my dating experiences. I've dated two guys who were into gaming, one when I was a senior in high school, super into WoW, always wanted me to play it but I was just not interested eventually ended up trying it and now know MMOs aren't my thing.

My current boyfriend and I play games all the time. All his friends were jealous that his girlfriend play League with him and that theirs did not. From both of these experience I don't think it was like deciding to play either of these games Looking for hardcore gamer girl me more desirable or hot in their eye. I think it was more about shared interests and that it is nice being able to do things you love with people you love.

I have not ever had a boyfriend, and I'm hitting 20 yrs old. Please don't feel like you must have a boyfriend by a certain point.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

I didn't date anyone until I was 24, and that only lasted a few months. Since then, I've had one other relationship, and Looking for hardcore gamer girl happened to be even shorter. I know how hard it can be for your self esteem, but it's judging yourself based on how you assume other people see you. It's dangerous and unhealthy thinking that can only make things worse. That's speaking from experience. I'm not going to say "wait until you are ready", because you clearly are. I just don't want you to hate yourself because it hasn't happened yet. My first real relationship with a women was at So, not just a girl thing A lot of men confuse, at least when it comes to women's experiences, "being able to attract sexual partners and romantic interest" with "being able to find a suitable partner for a long-term relationship".

Yes, attractive women can likely find someone to sleep with them much easier than an average-looking or worse man, but sexual access isn't what most women are looking for when looking for social and romantic companionship. It's ultimately part of how men are raised to objectify women and to seek sex as a goal in itself, whereas women are encouraged, at best, to see sex as part of what a relationship offers although many still enjoy more casual affairs, of course.

I think most men, once they've gotten the level of sexual experience where they've had sex with people they didn't feel much of a connection or attraction to, eventually understand the difference between being able to get hook-ups and finding real friends and ificant others. A lot of gamers, especially the young ones, just aren't there yet. This is, however, a very different matter from finding a real partner and companion, which can be as difficult for attractive people as unattractive people.

They're just too intimidated by how awesome we are, of course. Sure some guys are intimidated, but those are the same guys that get intimidated if a girl smiles at them in public. Personally, I kind of just leave female gamers alone. I just get the feeling that any sort of friendliness will be seen as me trying to hit on them and everyone who knows me knows I have no idea how to hit on a femaleand I rather not bother them in general since I'm sure they get enough dick pics and advances already.

I play with a group of friends online through a variety of games, a mixture of females and males, and I've seen the kind of grief they get if the females get discovered. It's pathetic really. Half-decent guys think it's better to let you be.

I'm actually seeing a lot of parallel between the predicament of the female gamer and that of females in the military. I've heard people say that women in the military should have no problem Looking for hardcore gamer girl partners, or worse that they diplomatic phrasing inbound have no problem finding an excess of partners on a nightly basis But when you actually stop and ask any guy, the vast majority of them want nothing to do with them, and have no problems coming up with really colorful reasons as to why. It's the exact same thing in gaming circles, but swap shitty slut stereotype with the shitty gamer girl stereotype.

It's a fucked up feedback loop that contradicts itself. Just this. For all the guys to see. It's important to remember that they mean "hot" girls who play games are "hot". I'm a gamer but I'm also socially awkward and unless you look like zooey deschanel guys don't find that attractive. That's the thing though; if you're actually "hot," guys will then say "Yeah right, I bet she doesn't actually play, and just wants to get guys' attention.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

Please, not all men are the same. I find girls who're gamers extremely "hot". Honest answer is that it's still kind of a s game; a large of people still consider women who game an anomaly, because by the stats more men are gamers both currently and traditionally. Hence the gut instinct for some guys to react with "OMG a girl who games? That's so hot! That said, you're There's plenty of time to find a boyfriend.

And as you yourself mentioned, there's a lot of other factors involved besides gaming. They just think it's awesome to find a girl who shares the same interest as them, when they've likely been raised to think that girls typically don't like gaming. A lady playing games is more attractive to myself because she would understand why I get excited and passionate about games along with why I play them as my primary hobby but it is like anything else; it is just part of that person.

I have dated non-gamers and gamers; whether they played or not has never been the defining attribute of a successful relationship. On top of that, I never really knew many of them played games until I got to know them better. Therefor; it was completely discounted Looking for hardcore gamer girl I was getting to know them and early attraction phase which is basically social cues, physical appearance, and chemistry. I didn't get a boyfriend till age 21, I also wondered if I was just not physically attractive and doomed to be single forever. Don't sweat it. Also gaming can kinda help you meet guys you have similar interests with, just don't morn the loss of guys who game but don't like the kinds of games you like.

It's easier not to hide that you like RPGs - there's a lot of guys that do love them too and you may be missing out on connecting with them. I used to go on and on about Final Fantasy in middle school through college, and have found no dearth of guys who love it and girls too.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

It became a way for us to bond, don't be ashamed of it : Screw the people who are haters, they're outed anyway! Edit: The victimization in these comments are making me crazy. Being a guy gamer isn't exactly the walk on roses you all seem to think. Fucking man up, being a nerd is hard. Deal with it. Yep, that's the supportive mindset that makes for a good community. Thanks for your contribution, it's so appreciated. Thanks for the response. It's good to have a guy's perspective on this. Feels a bit reassuring, too :. About the obsession with proving to everyone that we're real gamers, it's something I believe that girl gamers struggle more with that guy ones.

From my personal experience, it's hard enough to get recognized as a gamer being a girl, but then also my game choices affect it. From what I've seen, guys who play Pokemon or FF aren't really brushed off as "real" gamers, but if a girl is playing it, people will often brush us off as playing them only because there's cute Pokemon or only because there's hot guys in the games, and not based on the fact that Looking for hardcore gamer girl like playing games.

That being said, I'm just relating my experience about the general gaming community. I'm sure there are guys that don't have this issue, because I used to know many chill guy gamer friends. If RPGs are not hardcore gaming then what does hardcore even mean?

This coming from a guy, if anything RPGs are basically the geekiest thing I can play, how does that not count as hardcore? You shouldn't hide your love of RPGs at all. In my experience, the communities around RPGs, especially jrpgs are supportive of their members. If you let people know that you are into those kinds of games it will show them that you have diverse tastes and that you won't judge them if they like nerdy RPGs.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

There are a lot of male gamers like you, without having SO me included right now. So when a boy meets, sees, acknowledges of a gamer girl two things happen:. Your lontime gaming senses active and tell you that she definetley is not a gril. You think of what if this is really a girl, I must flatter this girl. This is my chance. And these two things collide making some more complicate stuff to happen.

So maybe is a hard thing to change but that is just me talking nonsense. I'll be honest. Playing games has helped me get to know more guys and girls to a lesser extent for this reason. I'm used to be an awkward little fuck, so gaming helped bring me out of my shell, especially when it came to Looking for hardcore gamer girl and stuff. That being said, fuck that. I made many acquaintances, but few actual friends from games.

You don't become swarmed with the good kind of attention just because you play games. It's a good icebreaker, unless they're judgemental crapbags that assume you suckbut just because you play games doesn't mean you swim in or want to, for that matter dick. Well, i can assure you that some hardcore gamer dudez actually do consider a girl gamer to be the ultimate in women. I have my son and an ex-wife who's a gamer-girl pcmasterrace nerd to prove it. The reason we split up has nothing to do with gaming by the way, more with realizing there's more to life, living and being parents than gaming.

I did realize and she didn't Found the internet! Rant: "Girl gamers are attractive" and "hardcore gamer" labels. Posted by Nintendo, Playstation, Steam. Can we just drop these labels? I have way more to rant, but meh Sort by: best. My easy answer: because male is the default gender in society. Reply Share.

Looking for hardcore gamer girl

Continue this thread. Just piggybacking off what you're saying here: A lot of men confuse, at least when it comes to women's experiences, "being able to attract sexual partners and romantic interest" with "being able to find a suitable partner for a long-term relationship". Quit being an asshole about the venting going on here, dude. Feels a bit reassuring, too : About the obsession with proving to everyone that we're real gamers, it's something I believe that girl gamers struggle more with that guy ones. So when a boy meets, sees, acknowledges of a gamer girl two things happen: Your lontime gaming senses active and tell you that she definetley is not a gril.

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Looking for hardcore gamer girl

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Rant: "Girl gamers are attractive" and "hardcore gamer" labels