Looking for married officer

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Forms MUST be printed on legal size paper. Have the Form of Declaration see sample form completed by a person Declarant who has knowledge of the impending marriage and ed by the Declarant in the presence of a Justice of the Peace JP in Jamaica. The Declarant may be a friend or family member. Declarant should to the right of the bracket where the JP is deated to see sample form.

If certified documents are submitted, clients may request that those be retained for office use or provide an additional set of documents for such purposes]. Please note that all documents presented must be in the English language. If originals are in another language they should be translated by certified translators whose certification of authenticity should be attached. For assistance, persons from overseas may contact their Embassy locally; or any person who is a certified translator.

The copy of the Marriage Register presented to you at your wedding is not a legal document and as such cannot be used to conduct Looking for married officer. Visit: www. Tel Website : www. Search form Search. Eligibility Both parties must be at least 18 years of age If either party is 16 or 17 years of age, parental consent is required Parties should not be blood relatives Not already legally married to someone else Parties must be male and female in keeping with Jamaican Laws Procedure A.

If either of the parties resides abroad, their temporary local address at the time of application or local address while on the island for the wedding can be used. Letter of Consent if you are 16 or 17 years of age. If applicable.

Documentation Please note that all documents presented must be in the English language. Residency Persons living abroad who plan to get married in Jamaica are required to be on the island at least 24 hours before the marriage ceremony. There is no restriction for persons who permanently reside on the island. For Walk-In clients; documents submitted by The Licence expires 90 days after the date it was issued. However, should it expires Looking for married officer its use; the intended parties are required to reapply for a new licence.

The stamp duty fee maybe transfer pending approval of the Commissioner General of Tax Administration Jamaica or new payment. Supporting documents that were ly submitted may be used. However, these documents are only applicable for reuse within 90 days after the expiration date of the licence. After the Marriage Ceremony The copy of the Marriage Register presented to you at your wedding is not a legal document and as such cannot be used to conduct business.

No blood test is required.

Looking for married officer

Persons are encouraged to apply for their Licence long in advance to their wedding date to minimize any inconvenience that may arise from any eventualities. Tel Website : www. The Judiciary. The Executive. The Legislature. Other Related Government Links. Civil Procedure Rules. The Cabinet. House of Representatives. Court Administration Division. Jury Duty. Court of Appeal Rules. The Prime Minister. Houses of Parliament. Jamaica Constabulary Force. Reporting Child Abuse.

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Looking for married officer

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Looking for married officer

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Looking for married officer

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